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MyStudent NYC: New York City can be an overwhelming metropolis to navigate when it comes to tracking a student’s educational journey, which can make life much simpler for parents, students, and educators.

Luckily, the Department of Education has designed “MyStudent NYC”, an effective online platform designed to make this task simpler for all involved parties involved – parents, students, educators alike! In this comprehensive guide we will explore all that MyStudent NYC offers from its features and benefits all the way through to how best utilize this invaluable tool.

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MyStudent NYC

MyStudent NYC

MyStudent NYC, more commonly referred to as the New York City Department of Education’s NYC Student Information System, is an innovative online portal developed by NYC DOE designed to give parents and guardians immediate access to essential data about their child’s education such as grades, attendance records, assessments and more.

MyStudent NYC provides an efficient platform for education-related needs in NYC, from parental monitoring of student progress to educator communication. Whatever your educational need may be, MyStudent NYC can be used by both parents and educators alike to stay in the know and stay in control.

NameMyStudent NYC (NYC Student Information System)
PurposeProvides real-time access to student academic records, attendance, and communication tools.
Developed byNew York City Department of Education (NYC DOE)
UsersParents, guardians, students, and educators
Features– Real-time access to grades and report cards
– Communication hub for parents, students, and educators
– Assessment data for tracking student performance
– Attendance monitoring
– Announcements and notifications from schools
Registration ProcessParents and guardians can create accounts using their child’s OSIS or Student ID number.
Security MeasuresData is protected through encryption. Users are encouraged to follow best practices for online security.
Support and Help CenterMyStudent NYC provides a Help Center with resources, FAQs, and contact information for technical support.
Mobile AccessibilityAccessible on various devices with internet connectivity.

Features and Benefits

MyStudent NYC offers features and benefits designed to empower parents, students, educators and all who use its service – such as its ease of use for students enrolled in academic classes – as well as teachers themselves. Some key advantages are:

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay current with your child’s academic progress with grades, report cards, attendance records and real-time updates.
  • Communication Hub: Establish connections with teachers and school staff members for improved collaboration.
  • Assessment Data: Access essential assessment information to monitor your child’s performance.
  • Attendance Monitoring: Stay on top of their attendance so they are regularly present at school.
  • Announcements and Notifications: Stay informed with all important dates and events at your child’s school with alerts from MyStudent NYC.

Getting Started with MyStudent NYC

For the easiest experience when getting started with MyStudent NYC, here are three easy steps that will get you up and running:

  1. Create an Account: Visit MyStudent NYC’s website ( and register.
  2. Your child will require either their OSIS (Operating System Identification Number) or Student ID in order to complete their registration.
  3. Log In: Once registered, log into your account using both your username and password to access it. Additionally, an email will be sent with a temporary password for use until it expires.
  4. Explore the Dashboard: Once logged in, you’ll be welcomed with an intuitive dashboard interface. Get acquainted with it as it offers quick access to various features of our software platform.

NYC Department of Education Student Portal:

There isn’t a particular portal called “MyStudent NYC” for all NYC public schools. However, the NYC Department of Education offers a family facing technology platform called the NYC Schools Account ( This could be what you’re looking for. Parents and guardians can make use of the account for:

  • Contact schools to enroll their children.
  • Monitor their children’s progress by keeping track of their the grades, test scores and attendance.
  • Inform authorities about incidents of harassment or bullying.
  • Find other online resources available for NYC families.

Specific School Login Portal:

A few NYC schools may have their own parent or student login portals, with names such as “MyStudent” followed by the school’s name. If you’re searching for a specific portal of a school you can find this on your school’s site or call the school directly to get login instructions.

Navigating MyStudent NYC Portal

Our portal has been developed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive navigation features. Key sections of MyStudent NYC include:

  1. Student Data: Gain access to your child’s academic records, such as report cards, transcripts and assessments. Class Schedules: Keep abreast of their daily routine with their class schedule. mes
  2. Messaging System: Use this feature of our messaging system to stay in contact with teachers, school staff and administrators.
  3. Attendance: Keep track of your child’s attendance to ensure they’re showing up consistently at school.

Troubleshooting and Support

While MyStudent NYC is intended to be user-friendly, occasionally there may be issues which require attention. Should this occur:

  • Help Center: Check out MyStudent NYC Help Center for resources, FAQs and contact details of technical support teams.
  • Support Services: If any technical or account related issues arise, reach out to the support team for help immediately.

Security and Privacy

MyStudent NYC takes data security very seriously. Both you and your child’s data is protected through encryption; however, best practices for online security such as regularly changing passwords and logging out after each session should also be observed to maintain safety online.


MyStudent NYC is a game-changer for families in New York City – parents, students and educators alike! Offering real-time access to educational data as well as improving communication between home and school settings,

MyStudent NYC plays an essential role in supporting student success. Don’t miss the chance to become actively engaged with your child’s education; start using MyStudent NYC today.

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